A Perfect Knight

It is 1192AD and Simon is a troubadour, a singer of perfect love songs, and Lady Yolanda is the widowed wife of Sir Edward Arbuthnot, a Crusader who never came home.

Simon falls in love with Yolanda, and she with him, but there is a seemingly insurmountable problem when it comes to consummating their love. Before he left, Sir Edward locked Yolanda into a chastity belt made by a warlock, and it is said to be unbreakable.

So Simon goes on a quest for his love, to free her from the belt. Will he succeed? Will he and the beautiful Yolanda find their own perfect love? Or are they destined to be forever parted.

This is a short story of around 35 printed pages, and contains historical romance and erotic scenes. It also has a little bit of magic.